28 November 2005

four turkeys and a sleepy mom

Yes, we have officially had four Thanksgiving meals now. It is my favorite holiday, but even for me that's a bit much--besides, turkey is not my favorite food! Give me a ham any day.

The first weekend in November, we had an impromptu Thanksgiving with my mom and brother--he wasn't going to be here for the real thing, so even though my dad was out of town, we did it up right and had a lovely time. My mom asked us each to share something we were thankful for. Honestly, we got distracted (her fault as she allowed us time to think about it during the meal!) and she was the only one who shared her thoughts. However, I did give it thought over the next week or two and decided (among other things) I am thankful for my daughter's arm healing so well and that my children love each other.

A week ago Sunday, we had a big all-out feast with my husband's mother's family (his mother is deceased, but we really enjoy her family). Little B had to miss this because he'd been really sick. That was a bummer as he loves playing with his cousins and that happens pretty rarely.

Tuesday, in spite of still feeling sick, his fever was gone so we went to Little B's pre-school's Thanksgiving Feast. It's catered by his favorite place, but he was feeling so miserable still that he fell asleep in the midst of it all. The craziest thing was that the entire class was coughing up a lung. It was almost funny if they hadn't felt so awful! The teacher asked who threw up that weekend and (including herself), there were a total of 12 hands. Only 16 kids were there that day (out of 18)!

Which brings me to yesterday. The large meal was at my home (I had a lovely ham, by the way, and almost skipped the turkey, but I must say I did a fabulous job with it once I decided to cook one!) which I prepared with the help of my mother and a crying baby girl. I spent most of my weekend wondering if I needed to take her to urgent care--bear in mind, Miss C is a very content little girl and rarely fusses in the true sense of the word, so I immediately worry if she's crying much. I second guessed myself almost hourly about how sick she was--mornings she seems fine, evenings are not so good, nights are awful.

Back to the meal. I suppose this was our most official Thanksgiving of them all. My parents, father in law, sister in law and her husband were the main "guests". It was a concession to have them all at once, but I don't want to go there right now. It was survivable, the food was yummy, even if say so myself, and best of all a dear friend from Seattle, Tami, was in town for the evening (always too short of a visit, but better than none at all!).

Miss C had a thankful moment on this day--her first tooth finally broke through! Of course the next three look like they are not far behind. However, I decided this morning that enough was enough and her fussy--make that BAD--nights were certainly not improving (in spite of happy mornings with the snotty nose). I took her to our pediatrician and, as I was beginning to suspect, she has an ear infection. Poor baby. Maybe I'll get more sleep in the coming nights...I'm starting to feel like a zombie and even noticed it while driving home (that red light seemed like a lovely nap spot...for me, that's tired.

(For the record, yes, I was careful driving home--not in danger of falling asleep which would be alarming to me. I know my limits and was recognizing the end of it! However, I am refraining from going back out until I'm a bit more clear-headed, even for Miss C's antibiotic...now, I need to go read to my son and pray my daughter sleeps longer. We'll see...)

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AfricaBleu said...

Phew! Tryptophen overload, I'd say. Glad you made it home alive.