09 August 2005

Strike two

My cell phone died. Actually, mine died two weeks ago when I dropped it yet again in the driveway. At that time, my husband got a phone from work, so I switched my number to his phone while we talked about new plans for me. Last night I killed that one, too.

See, I’d set it on top of the car while putting Miss C into her seat. My back hurt, so I asked my husband to buckle her in, so I got into the front and waited to head out to dinner. Everyone settled, we headed out to dinner. A half mile or so from home we hear, “clunkthumpabump” and my husband asks, “What’s going on back there, buddy?” thinking Little B dropped something. In slow motion it registers with my mind that – wait – it was the CELL PHONE. Sigh.

I must confess that we were seen perusing the main road near our house at dusk last night like idiots in hope of finding it. First, me. My husband did a quick u-turn and pulled into a subdivision to wait while I rapidly darted up a few blocks stepping dangerously close to the curb, straining to see the median, speculatively glancing in the nearby grass. Then he offered to try after moving the car to a turn lane up the main road. Add what I was just doing to the fact he took his cell phone to call mine hoping to hear it ring while looking. Yeah. Pretty funny. He alternately ran and walked, and his return to the car was a neat little jog in the overgrown median.

We never found the phone. I theorize it went down a catch basin. Which, being a civil engineer my husband promptly begins to tell me that they usually have standing water so it would be ruined most likely. . . I interrupt and say, “Honey, we wouldn’t really check out the catch basin anyway, right?” “Oh, yeah. Good point.” He really forgets practical points like that when thinking work-related. At least he loves his job.

The down side is that I doubt I’ll be able to keep my old cell number now that it’s been canceled. That’s the only reason we still had the account active. The up side is that in a couple weeks I’m going to add on to my parent’s family plan. My brother is on it, too, and will be getting a new phone (well, that’s the PLAN, we’ll see what happens) when he gets back in the country in about two weeks. At which time I will get to take over his very nice camera phone rather than buy a new one. (That small lapse in phone availability is why our old plan was still active. It HAD been worth the extra month’s pay for half the service.) Of course, with my recent record, I might need to get the cheapest of them all and keep them lined up for when I throw them around.

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