04 August 2005

still summer??

I am very ready for autumn. It is by far my favorite time of year with changing leaves, sweatshirts and jeans, nippy evenings, and fireplaces (well, rarely where I live, but, in theory...). I love it all. Oh, and my anniverary. I chose fall for our wedding because I love it so much. We won't discuss the fact that the week of my wedding it rained for 6 days straight, it was warm but gorgeous on the big day, then it was roasting on our honeymoon...we took flannels and looked like fools. Oh well.

This summer heat is oppressive and makes me feel suffocated. Literally. My asthma acts up worse than any other time in the year. I despise sweating and feeling like my head is in a fishbowl (super high humidity). The electric bill is unbearable. The bugs are atrocious. The car is always too hot when we get in. Miss C's dresses are pretty, so I guess there is one plus.

Anyhow, my house was nice and chilly the past few mornings, thanks to cutting my air down like I prefer overnight, and I put a sweatshirt on. Oh yeah. The comfort and coziness. It just made me long for the next couple months to skim on by and get straight to autumn. I think I was supposed to live farther north...sigh.

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