05 August 2005

about that chili...

Let me preface by saying that cooking has never, I repeat, never, been my strong point. No, I don't habitually burn meals (just on occasion), but neither do I manage to pull off decent meals every single night of the week. I require serious pre-planning. And, too often still lack some necessary ingredient.

Like tonight.

I had ground beef that needed to be cooked. It's time was running out. I really didn't pre-plan for this, just realized I wasn't in the mood for burgers. So, I suggested, hours ago, to my husband that we have either chili or spaghetti. We opted for the chili. Which required a stop on the way home for hubby at the grocery store for kidney beans and chili sauce...

Wait. "Chili Sauce?"

Yeah. That's what I told him. Now, when I'm at the store I know what I need even if I have the NAME of it slightly off. I believe "meatless chili" may have been a bit better for hubby to understand. I did say can, though, and that (I think) it's Hunt's I usually buy.

What came home with him were two cans of kidney beans, just fine and dandy. And a BOTTLE of Heinz Chili Sauce. I scrutinized it for a moment and decided it might be similar enough, so --plop-- into the meat it went. Not even close to enough. Maybe a third of what I needed. Pause. Sniff...

Lovely. Glorified ketchup.

You can see how often we've gotten said Chili Sauce...never. I added both complete cans of beans, all juice included, hoping to hide the burger and fries dressing. Didn't work. My "chili" smells like ketchup and looks like watery beef and beans. Ugh.

So, I'll let my husband taste it since he is the one who didn't step out to verify the ingredients by calling me (the cell wasn't working inside the store--he did try calling once). If it's that bad, well, someone will think of something for dinner. I hope.

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