10 February 2010

wedding present

Hannah, this one's especially for you. I hope you get a good laugh!

I have known Hannah for many, many years. Sadly, most of those years were spent NOT staying in touch. But, facebook was very good to me when I re-friended her!

When I say many, many years, I mean since High School, which puts us closing in on . . . what? 20 years...whoa. Let's move forward, shall we?

I knew her when she was getting married. I didn't see her much as we lived in different states, but I did get a wedding invitation from her while I was living in Seattle, not quite yet engaged to my own wonderful man. And while I knew that there was no practical way to go to her wedding, I was thrilled to my toes for her. And wanted to send her a wedding present. (Never got one, did you, Hannah? Read on dear friend...)

In my total and complete inexperience with what to buy for a wedding present, I found something that seemed like a cool idea. It probably is still a decent present idea, truth be told. At least not a total flop of an idea like some I'm sure I've ventured forward with. That poor present never made it out the door. Just. Didn't. I can't recall a specific reason, but I procrastinate quite well. I kept intending to send it, I know that much.

In my total and complete pack-rat life, it moved back to my current state with me as I planned my own wedding the following year. And then to the first house we bought, no longer planning to send it Hannah as it had been a few years and, well, the shame of it all. I finally took it out of its now-beat-up packaging thinking perhaps I would use it. I didn't. The inner seals were (mostly) left in tact.

Eight years later, that poor gift made it's way to my new house, where we currently live. And left in the bonus room upstairs, tucked away from the unsavory reminder of my total and complete slackness.

Last night, I went to the bonus room and saw it lying on a shelf. And almost died when I realized that thirteen years ago I bought it for a friend I was now back in touch with. It just seemed so...blog-worthy.

So, without further ado:
Congratulations on your marriage, my friend! I hope you have a long and happy life together, and I know that when you send me your address, you will absolutley have SO much use for this wedding gift....
Love, cjoy

Yes, feel free to turn it down and feel free to laugh until you cry. No offense will be taken. And should you choose to accept this belated gift, I will not promise to send it this week. :)


Mrs Lemon said...

HA HA HA!!! that is so funny! You never know, maybe her recipe cards need freshening up after 13 years!

Hannah said...

Oh how funny! I did indeed get a laugh, and I'm so impressed that you hung onto it this long! I'd love to take it, even for the sake of getting a package in the mail, but my mother-in-law just gave me a brand new recipe binder. Could you pass it along to some other new bride? You never know when you'll need a last-minute gift! :-)

I, too, am so glad to be back in touch.

cjoy said...

I'm NOT impressed with myself, queen of pack rat that I am.

I will definitely find someone else to pass it along to - and perhaps you could send your address anyway...I'll send a (different) package of love to your way before too long. :) Or to Ian... (hahaha!) Snail mail rocks.