12 February 2010


Quite often, when I settle into my van for a drive that's farther than the library, I pull out my cell phone. I have a shared plan with lots of roll over minutes, free long distance and now a few frequently used numbers aren't even using up minutes! I use this time to stay in touch with a few friends who live far away or chat with my mom -- easing the solitude that mommy-hood often brings.

But recently, I find that I often pause as I pull out the phone, and return it to my pocket. I hear a call coming in. But not on the phone. I hear Someone asking for those moments of my time.

When I was single, I used my car time to sing and pray and call on my Father's name - loudly, deeply and with great satisfaction and watering of my spirit. The more people in the car, the less freedom to have such a personal, private time. These days, I am being still. And knowing God. Praying in a quieter way, flitting from one thing on my heart to another, allowing time to ponder these things, mull them over. I am slowing down to listen to His voice a little more often.

I still chat with my friends on the phone during my drive; but there are a lot of drives now that find me turned to another place, whether I am alone or with a van full of children. I am making or taking an important call.


Hannah said...

Amen! I've had this experience as well. It's easy to just fill the "empty" time with noise -- phone, radio, whatever -- but sometimes I realize I could take the opportunity to enjoy HIM instead.

StephieAnne said...

Beautiful post - I completely relate to too often feeling the empty time with "other things" instead of just listening....