18 February 2010

thankful thursday

First of all, thanks to those of you who are helping me feel better about my blog visitors - whether by email, commenting or just telling me it was someone I knew all along but didn't realize it...anyone else out there, just keep it coming, okay? Especially you, Conneticut Reader, whoever you are...

Early this morning I wanted to post a Thankful Thursday and spent a bit too long pondering what I should say. I had some things on my mind I could have said, but it just wasn't "it" - those thoughts are not finished mulling just yet. So, I decided to go about my day and by the time it has come to an end, I have a post full of thankfulness:

~ Great friends...I visited with my "waiting room friend." I met her in a waiting room over two years ago when our boys were in occupational therapy together as peers...we chatted for about an hour every single week and struck up a much-needed, heartfelt friendship. Guess where we met up today? A WAITING ROOM. Our boys are no longer in therapy together, but we share a couple of other doctors, one of them a regular appointment, so we started deliberately coinciding our appointments to create visit time since our lives run in the fast lane too often. It was a definite joy to see her today.

~ More great friends...after that appointment was finished (which is not close to home for us) we dropped by to visit some other friends over that way.

~ Cul-de-sacs....the friend we stopped to visit lives in a cul-de-sac and we arrived armed with scooters and a ridey-toy for Baby J. And the kids ran and rode and played and laughed. And it was good.

~Dinner...out. With those same friends. And inexpensive. Chinese dinner, in fact. YUM.

~Bedtime...for the kids who ran and played and laughed all day. It is much needed for this mommy to have some down time. Because even happy kids sometimes need....reminding...again and again. Maybe when they're super happy they need it more? Either way, bedtime is here.

~Daddy/Hubby...who is home for the second night in a row to tuck in his sweet children after working insane hours for a solid week. At least tomorrow's paycheck will reflect it. For which I am also very thankful.

~JAG...Season 10. Yes, it's an older series. No, we're not (yet) into some of the newer ones (Lost, Bones, etc...), though they do look good and our day will come. But first, we will finish out JAG, whose first DVD graced our mailbox today (then we'll watch the last season of Monk when it comes out and catch up on Psych before moving on....the joys of not having cable mean no commercials, at least!)

(Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to settle in with my love for our long-awaited DVD...if we hurry, we may get to watch two episodes before it's too late...!)


Hannah said...

Mmmm ... I love days like this. And I'm so impressed that you and your waiting room friend have kept the friendship alive!

StephieAnne said...

Great list - so much to be thankful for. I'm thankful for the sunshine today - although it's rather cool - here in Oregon it's been way too rare.....