16 February 2010

editing and stats

Okay, does anyone else "publish" their newest and latest blog post, click over to view it's beauty, then notice glaring errors like missed commas and such? I hate that feeling. I have to go back and correct them every single time. (If I missed some you see, please don't tell me.)

And while we're on a random topic here, let's hit another one: I know I've recently asked for delurkers to speak up. Twice. This is really important to me. I realize that I get numerous visitors that do a search, click over, see it's not what they were looking for and move on, never to be seen or heard from again. That's not who I'm talking about...

I'm speaking to those of you who, on my statcounter, have repeatedly popped in from a scattering of places:

New York

(I'm working to assume that those from London, Singapore, Russia, a military base and a few others are more happenstance than returning readers. However, that can apply, too.)

....to my knowledge you've never said "Hi!"...it leads me to wonder how many lurkers I truly have out there. Come on, people. Work with me here. I'm not that comfortable with so many hiding out. And I'm really a nice person! (Well...sometimes my kids may disagree and I can think of a few others that may have choice words about me, but in general, I think I'm fairly nice.)

I DO respect your need to stay private as well - after all, that's my whole point. I value my privacy and therefore want to know who is reading everything on my mind.

So. If you are one of those who cannot bear to leave a comment, even to delurk, would you kindly email me and just tell me that?


It's not hard to do.

And maybe it's time to edit my statcounter. Anyone have a good one they can recommend?


Donnetta said...

I also have many frequent and consistent readers unknown to me. I think perhaps it is just part of blogging. I'd be curious to know if anyone delurk's with more of a request such as you've done here.

cjoy said...

I've considered that this is probably the case...and therefore considered not using my kids' pictures once again. But, I like sharing my family with my friends on here.

What really stepped me over the edge was that a picture (NOT of a person) was downloaded from my blog. It was not even of a personal nature, just humorous. BUT it was HERE and no one asked or even commented about it. Indeed, I have never had a comment from someone in this particular state at all. So...it felt a bit like being violated. And put me on the alert.

I'm curious to see if anyone speaks up as well.

StephieAnne said...

I've commented since the day I visited, so no lurking here! =)

billyandtami said...

I'm the lurker in Illinois!! :) See... you thought I just totally forgot about you--- but I regularly read the blog to be sure I'm caught up on your life.... unfortunately I don't blog, so you can't stay caught up on mine. I owe you an email. ;}

cjoy said...

You made my day - I was just wondering how you're doing this week!
Love you madly miss you dearly...
You owe me a novel-sized email.
And you can keep right on lurking here since you 'fessed up. :)
(I hope you read this!)

billyandtami said...

:) I will keep lurking... and will start working on that email. ;)

kim said...

I'm MO I think? (:

kim said...

Oh and I ALWAYS go back and correct things, once, twice, three times! I'm so bad at that...even if I happen to read a really old post of my own and see a typo, I fix it. Odd, I know! (: