11 February 2010

chicken soup for the soul

A little over a year ago someone gave my husband a cool chicken noodle soup gift set - it came with two soup mugs and a quaint container to hold the soup packets. I liked it!

So I decided to keep it for my own personal use, and I believe it suits that use perfectly. Typically, if you sneak a peak inside, you will find one of two views:

I keep it in the pantry-cabinet area of the kitchen for emergency and easy access. My husband partakes, but at least he has the good taste to know that dark chocolate is better, so I'm willing to share with him. Usually. I find that the better the quality of chocolate, the more satisfying and therefore the slower I am able to eat it. The M&M's disappeared rather fast this past weekend, so the current stash is the Dove...it should hold out a bit longer (unless, of course, an emergency situation should arise).

I have a cool Choxie box that I saved from a while back (now those.....oh MY G O O D N E S S). If you have never seen their boxes, they are uniquely designed and open in unusual ways. This one, if you pull out a lower tab, two (stacked) drawers open. I'm thinking it might be a nice secondary stash, perhaps in my closet, away from the greedy fingers of my husband. Otherwise, I feel compelled to find another fun use for it.

Do you have a secret stash, chocolate or otherwise?
If so, how and where do you hide it?
(I promise, I'm not going to come in and steal it!)


StephieAnne said...

We have lots of antique tins in our house that are perfect for stashing things in, but alas, my kids already know all the secret hiding places.....

I love the idea that yours is a "Chicken Soup for the Soul" - as chocolate is an even better remedy!!!!

Hannah said...

Yes, I keep mine in the door of our second fridge, and it's *usually* safe there.
How did I miss the fact that MnM's now come in dark chocolate?!

cjoy said...

StephieAnne - Oh, what fun it would be to have a variety of antique tins to hide the goods in. haha! I'd love that! And yes, it is EXACTLY b/c the choclate is the chicken soup for my soul...and man, on some days, I need extra helpings. heehee

Hannah - they've been out for a couple of years! Oh dear me...quick, go get a bag! Original taste nasty in comparison...