05 January 2009

a recap:

So it's a new year, and I am praying that it's not quite as difficult as the past year has been. Truly, the lows have swung pretty low, but the highs have been wonderful, so it's been a bit of a roller coaster ride.

Baby J has been amazing to add to the family, but the past months have been a trial of needing sleep and tummy agony for him. I do think I've probably solved his issues: eggs. They were the one food that instantly caused the issues to resurface - within three hours! Poor, poor baby. I've double checked that to be sure it wasn't incidental, and I know it's eggs. Man, I'm missing them, too. I would almost give up my beloved dairy for some good french toast, omelets, fried eggs over easy, BROWNIES (even baked into the food it bothers him ...boohoo). We even had an allergy test that didn't show this, so who knows what's really going on with it. I have a couple more foods to add back, but they're not as likely to be a problem. Even dairy - the thing neither of the other kids can have - doesn't appear to phase him. Though after 7 weeks without any type of dairy in my diet, it was a little tough to add in - my body had to readjust! I no longer care for milk. It is hard on my stomach and increases the whole drainage in the throat thing that I'm not a fan of. Not badly, but I never noticed it until it was gone. Now, I'm thinking that limited dairy is a more pleasant thing anyway. I'll just turn into a vegan. It'd be easier!

Of course, nights are not perfect yet, but what with trying to walk and cutting big bad teeth in the back of his mouth, that's pretty normal. "This too shall pass." I must remind myself.

There has been a lot of deep, long-needed healing in my family. Not with one another - we're a fairly close, small family, but many years ago we went through some things and this year the Lord has brought healing and closure and moving forward into our lives. We are so blessed beyond words. His healing can go much deeper than anything we can try to do ourselves.

For the past week and a half, my wonderful husband has been home. I love that man, I really do. He let me sleep in every single day. Well, I got up early once because it just worked out, but that was through no fault of his. And by sleep in, I mean 9:45 to 10am...every time. I have not felt so rested in ages (I'd be up in the night, but the last 3 or 4 hours were uninterrupted, deep, amazing sleep!). In fact, the whole family benefited from a less grogged-out mommy and wife who could hold her temper a bit easier. :) He also did dishes every day and a long honey-do list was man-handled. Sweetness, I tell you. I'm so sad to see him return to work today. But mostly, it's because I just loved seeing his face and talking to him all day long.

Today, I sliced open my thumb pitting an avocado. It bled like the dickens, too. But, it's doing all right and I'm surviving. So typical of me. I tell you, knives and me, we don't get along so well as history has proven.

On the bright side, I opened an early birthday present. No more waiting - at my age, that's not worth it. I'll just enjoy it a few days longer this way. What I got? A most wonderful book on crochet stitches. From my friend, bluehose, who was home for the holidays and when we met up she listened to me whine that the right kind of book wasn't on the shelves at the bookstore. So, she found what I wanted and mailed it to me. Now, I need to go gaze longingly at it... :)


Donnetta (momrn2) said...

God's healing and sleeping in. Definitely 2 things worth celebrating!

Carbon said...

I enjoyed having my hubby home but near the end, I was really looking forward to him kinda going back to work and the kids kinda going back to school so that I could have some sort of routine. Seems like it was mutual across the board. haha.

Happy New Year Cjoy :) I wish you a happy and healthy year ahead.

(My word verification is 'blast'. that's awesome! hahaha)

blue hose said...

Happy New Year! Happy birthday to Baby J! Happy Birthday to you! I love that you loved your book. You weren't really whining, but I'm glad I found what you desired. You deserve it - and a little free time to use it. T likes the "google eyes", btw - I've been putting them on things around the house!