13 January 2009

on tags and late fees and misc silliness

I forgot to get my emissions and tags taken care of before my birthday. This did not occur to me until Sunday afternoon on the way home from church when we passed a sign that said, "Emissions". It actually startled me! (The mental lapse is no doubt a sign of my aging...)

Yesterday, I made a trip to get emissions, changing locations so I could drive through without taking kids out of the car. Then, I went home to pay for the tags online, hoping to avoid a trip to the DMV (especially since the nearst location was closed on Mondays). But Miss C wanted to sit next to me in the passenger seat (this is a special treat when Baby J is sleeping and I dare not move him and we sit forever with the car running in the driveway). Thing was, Baby J was NOT asleep. He was fussy and wanted out of his car seat. So, I brought my laptop out to the van, let Miss C climb into the passenger seat and put Baby J in my lap where he turned on windshield wipers, accidentally honked the horn about eight times (which made him turn and jump into my arms alarmed but giggling every time), rolled down windows ("Mommy, why is my window going down when I didn't push the button?!?!"), turned up the radio (which also made him turn and jump into my arms alarmed but giggling every time), and tried to play with the laptop I was working on between the seats.

Only partway through the process I noticed the late fee didn't show up so I called to talk to a real person to make sure I was still allowed to pay online since I was, indeed, late. (No need being penalized by the tags not going through and my not knowing it or something. ) The lady gave me a new "RIN" (Renewal Identification Number, for those who have never done this) to log in with and said if I used that, there would be no late fee "today only". I must say, that was a bit like a late birthday present!

When at last I was done, my kids were still having the time of their lives wondering why windows went up and down all by themselves and jumping into mommy's arms with alarmed giggles while she posted her hilarious status on facebook. It was too good of a "status" NOT to post it, you know?

Then, I drug the kids inside as I was completely done with the close quarters.


sammon said...

cjoy, you are such a sweet mama!! I just love reading your blog all the way across the country and seeing the a strong woman taking care of her family the best way she can!!!!!!

By the way, the last couch I went to re-do just went to the dump this week-end. Yes, you know my youngest is getting older when I have time to pull staples out of a couch.

kim said...

Ok I feel so much better knowing I am not the only one letting my child "play/hangout" in the car (with me in there as well of course). (: Often times after we get home and pull into the garage, Alaeyah will want to stay in our Tahoe, get out of her carseat and play. We've done this....many times. I felt kind of silly each time, but hey it's a new "playroom". haha One time my husband came home early from work, opened the other garage door and when he saw us playing in the truck, he was a little confused. I told him if he stayed home all day too, he would find a new play venue too (;