26 January 2009

as soon as you make the call

So I was not poisoned by food, I was attacked by a bug - the stomach bug that seems to be rockin' the nation. Oh yeah, it's nasty. But, short lived. At least for most of us.

I was weak but surviving on Friday. Which was good since Baby J has been sick since Friday when he first threw up...as in lots more puking, dehydration and a variation of lethargy and playfulness. He's been holding his food down a bit better since yesterday, but still not perfectly. I finally broke down and called the doctor and he's to be seen in a couple of hours - too many days of throwing up for a little one. Of course, now he's playing his heart out, happy as a lark. Yup. Soooo glad I need to spend a copay on the booger. Sigh.

Of course, Miss C has been a crank pot all weekend with no appetite - and ran 101.3 last night. A dose of Motrin and she was right as rain - just still not eating much of anything and complaining of a tummy ache on occasion. That's it.

Oh, and Little B puked last night. A lot. He's on the mend, too, though. I wish he'd done it yesterday morning so I could send him to school today. He had perfect attendance until today, so he's bummed, but then our regimen of couch time and TV for the sick makes that a lot better.

And in trade? The kids gave me the cold they had last week. Gotta love a good trade.


Donnetta (momrn2) said...

Hoping everyone is feeling better SOON!

Our Love Story said...

oh boy! No wonder you've been on my mind so much! I will pray for you. Take care, friend!

sammon said...

I hope you are all feeling better!!Poor, poor things!!!

Our Love Story said...

Thinking about you, Friend! Maybe that means I should pray for you!