11 January 2009

my turn

So I turned 33 yesterday. I totally remember turning 30 and posting that on here. I guess I've been around for a while, huh? I'm not really as diligent as some in keeping track of how long I've blogged or how many posts. I do remember when I started blogging and I know I can see a count of how many...but, I digress.

That's what I was going to talk about. I must tell you that I no longer care if anyone remembers my birthday. And it used to be SO IMPORTANT. All I wanted was for a few of my closest friends to remember me on that one day of the year. Now? Uh, feel free to forget, because I forget it myself! I never understood how my mom could possibly forget it was her birthday. I get it now. In fact, we had Baby J's 1st Birthday "Party" (meaning one other couple and us, that's it) on MY birthday. When one of my best friends called that evening to wish me a happy birthday, I was totally surprised that it really was my birthday. Kinda cracked me up. (The irony is that I had about 16 birthday wishes on facebook - not that I minded...heheh!)

No, I had not forgotten all day...but it was not foremost on my mind upon waking. We did have brunch at a favorite restaurant. And we stopped at a garage sale on the way home (yeah, you know you live in the deep south when there are garage sales in JANUARY). I got a new table and chairs at that garage sale; we made it my birthday present. haha. Life is simpler that way.

And the evening was reserved for a wonderful dinner with our friends - surrogate/extra grandparents for our kids (my own family all had other things planned....hohum). Ah well. I saw them today. And we lunched together and enjoyed our Lord together, so that was far better than just dinner anyway.

So, that was my 33rd birthday.
And now, Baby J needs to get to bed, so I'll bid you adieu and see you soon....


Mrs Lemon said...

Happy birthday! :)

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

Sounds like you had a good day. Happy Birthday!!

Carbon said...

Happy happy birthday cjoy! That's how i feel about my birthday too. Though I do admit, I like when my hubby remembers and says happy birthday. I don't think that's asking too much :)