14 January 2009

first steps

About a week ago, Baby J started taking a couple steps at a time. Just one or two before collapsing into giggles in my arms. Last night, he made it about 7 or 8 steps before the giggling heap landed. He's so thrilled with his new accomplishment.

This morning he's been exceptionally tired and cranky which made for less productive walking practice which made for less than happy results - he was mad he wasn't making it as far as last night.

I definitely have a third child on my hands. Both of my other kids walked at 14 months. We're a week into 12 months with this one. And yesterday, he tried to climb the baby gate. As in, finding foot holes in the lattice-style gate. He also climbed onto a toy that nearly propelled him over the gate (I did get a picture before moving the toy and the baby . . . patting myself on the back). I can see that my gate choices will be changing very, very soon.

Now, I must get off the computer. I must. I'm spending far, far too much time on it this week and easily avoiding all other tasks. Of course, I'd rather be napping like Baby J, but that doesn't appear to be an option with a nearly four year old on the loose who wants to play a game with her mama.

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sammon said...

How exciting! Baby J is at my favorite stage!!! I bet you're having so much fun! I must admit I'm a little jealous!:)