07 January 2009


Baby J is one today. A year ago, I was gazing at the sweet round face of a new little person in my life. A little person I have been completely in love with every since.

This morning, I was dozing and holding him at the same time that he was born - 6:30am. I wish I had been more alert - I wanted to think on it and gaze at him...of course, I've done that much of today anyway. He has been extra lovey on me, bestowing so many kisses on my face, snuggling and just being sweet. I cannot believe an entire year has passed. He amazes me and delights me and exhausts me (which I know I've covered thoroughly, so I will spare you another round).

Truly, everywhere I go, people stop to look at his sweetness. They comment on how very happy he is - and they're right. He's a happy boy. He's also mischievous and finds his way into laundry baskets and bins, under the piles of laundry he delightfully unloads from where ever I am folding (or not folding), and has the cheekiest little grin matched with deep, sparkly blue eyes. I am even more enamored now than a year ago, if that is possible.

Happy birthday my little one.

(When I can relocate the cord for downloading pictures, I will show you one...I really will!)


Carbon said...

Wow, where did a year go!

Happy Birthday Baby J!

Mrs Lemon said...

Happy birthday, baby J!

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

Has it been that long already?! WOW!

Happy Birthday to your little guy!

Jessica said...

Babies grow up so fast...it seems like just yesterday my two were crawling!

I think this is my first time to your blog, feel free to stop by and say hello at my blog as well! :)