06 June 2008

she did it

My bed is kinda my own for now...Baby J is in his crib, "side-car" to the bed, and some nights we get an early morning visitor for a few hours, but none of that really bothers me in the least.

The thing is, Miss C goes to bed better than she ever has in her life. She earned her baby bear. Bear, you ask? Yes, she saw an older Furreal baby bear at a nearby consignment shop for less than half the cost of that duck, and I was happy to let her switch her allegiances. Indeed, I bought it while she was out of site so it would not be gone once she filled out her chart (which only took one week--she never skipped a single night!).

Of course, the day she got her bear, which she lovingly takes everwhere, she told me she'd be sleeping in my bed again (I was ready to put the duck back on the chart and try again if necessary). I very simply said, "Oh, you sleep in your bed now" while she looked at me like someone was trying to trick her. So I continued, "Besides, your baby bear wants to sleep in your bed with you." Okay then, it's never been discussed again. Amazing. If she feels the need to join us around 4am or so, she just makes her way to our room without calling out or crying. So easy...(Little B, however, still calls for us if he needs anything in the night.)

So, at bedtime, Miss C is hittin' the hay when Little B is. You must understand that it has been difficult for a LONG time to get her to go to bed, especially after an unsolicited nap. Now, she likes calling across the hall to her brother, "Good night; don't let the bed bugs bite!" She gets ready fast and easy; she's empowered by being a big girl. I'm empowered by the simplicity that is so new at bedtime.

(Now, to make our days that simple.)


Donnetta (momrn2) said...

YEAH! That is such big and exciting news!

Laurel said...

congratulations! Bed time victories are awesome!

kim said...

ROCK ON!! (: Congrats! I bet it feels so great!!!

i'm def. going to have to try those 'fur-reals' for ... potty training, sleeping thru the night, taking more than one bite at supper time, oh, wait -- how much are they anyway?!?! (; ha.

Way to go, Miss C!! :D