27 June 2008

new year's resolution

I know, I know. It's kinda like 6 months late to be discussing this, but I actually did make a new year's resolution way back then. Just one. And I picked one I could/should be able to carry through on.

I wanted to lose 20 pounds this year. And I did it!

So what if 13 of that came off when my baby was born in the first part of January? That's not the point, people. It was just a little boost in the right direction. I succeeded in losing the remaining 7 and am now at my "prepregnancy" weight. Uh, third baby prepregnancy, but I made it regardless of which pregnancy it was. (I'll be honest...I only gained 20 pounds with Baby J, yet I lost 20 pounds when each of my other two were born.)

My next goal will be to reach my REAL prepregnancy weight, roughly 8-10 pounds more. Even 5 would be nice, but I am someone who prefers not to bicker over 5 pounds with my body. I believe it is healthier to stay 5 pounds "up" than to go up and down like a seesaw with my weight. So, we'll see what happens.

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Laurel said...

congratulations! that's great!