25 June 2008

picture stories

Nothing like a popsicle on a hot day with your best buddy.

My most recent crochet thing...a cord for Miss C to turn her own light on and off. Her room is the hottest in the house by the end of the day and we like to keep the fan going constantly to battle it. Since the fan and light share a switch, we needed a way to giver her some independence in this little matter--without stopping the fan. (Hush...yes, it was really an excuse to practice daisies, corkscrews and pompoms...what of it?)

This inner tube toy has been a favorite of mine since Little B was learning to sit. However, Baby J has done something the other two have not--climbed over the sides. I'm guessing he missed the point of what it's for. Looks like he's tubin' down the river, no?

Ah yes, a picture of my new 'do. Not my best hair day, and this was taken at the end of a day which should tell you something. But, a picture none the less.

The Ultimate Paci-Holder.

Notice the lack of training wheels here? Go Little B!!!

A good shot of Little B that's not from the back...he's so silly these days it's hard to get a view of him that's not super goofy. My kids were feeding a turtle that wandered into the yard; Little B has a great love of turtles and my mother has housed a few of them on his behalf over the years.

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