13 June 2008

incentive to sweep

You know those really large Pyrex type dishes...the kind you can put a whole roaster chicken in to cook or serve? Square but deep. With a lid. The lid is also square and deep. And thick. Well, I was rearraning my cabinet space yesterday where all such dishes live. That large, thick, deep lid crashed to the floor...I kid you not, it sounded like a gunshot in my kitchen. See the largest dish on the bottom of that stack? I'm thinking the lid belonged to that, otherwise it was similar in size. I can't see the lid anymore to verify. I'll have to see which one is missing. And yes, the door to the cabinet was open at the time of crashing, so my next task is to remove all the items on that side and wipe it clean as well as rinse/wash the dishes so no one eats fine grains of sand-like glass. I wiped my hand on the bottom of the cabinet and came away with grit all over. Prickly grit. Nice, huh?

All I can say is that if I had not swept and mopped already this week, you would not be seeing pictures of this. And that brown thing is a valentine from Little B to Miss C that fell from some cluttered spot versus being tucked away in her special drawer for little momentos. (I only remopped the area that had the casualty, since I was pretty sure I got it all.)

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Carbon said...

I've had pyrex drop before. It does indeed sound like a gunshot going off!