13 June 2008

a new hobby

First, I was reading The Big Trade-Off (Karen not only has an uncanny parrallel to my life in a few ways, she has a most enviable knack for fabulous sewing projects, something I can only dream of since my limited abilities are further limited by the fact my sewing machine is currently in a non-kid-friendly spot--though I do aspire to get better). Oh, she blogs more than I do, too

In my clicking around (okay, I was reading this specific post) I found my way from Karen's blog to The Handmade Dress. Breathtaking awe is about the only thought I had. I found myself enjoying her pictures and reading some posts and looking around at her various pursuits. On her Tutorial she had a basic self-made video of how to crochet. And at last it clicked for me. I've wanted to learn for a long time. I felt I could conquer anything (well...maybe I'm exaggerating just a tiny bit).

So, my next stop was in real life--I found this book at my local library, after perusing a few different ones. She made it so simple. Far from perfect, still figuring out the concept of a "turning chain", this was my sample swatch of the different stitches.

Still not perfect, but definitely beginning to grasp the whole idea, this is my first official project. A scarf for Miss C:

Now Little B wants one, so I'll be trying the next project in the book. Oh, and my husband wants a scarf, too. I feel quite important. What I really, really want to achieve is a fabulous farmer's market bag on the back cover of the book. But, I didn't think to take a picture of it, and I'm not gonna go do it now.


little dresses said...

I am honored that you want to share my website with others! Thank you. Don't be a stranger, join right in!

Laurel said...

Your scarf looks great. I have never crocheted but I really enjoy knitting. Have fun with your new hobby!

kbartley said...

It's easier than you thought, huh?Pretty soon, you'll graduate to circles, then blankets, then hats & sweaters. You'll be a pro in no time.

Karen said...

C!!! Way to go!!! I love your scarf. When you feel more confident we'll have to work a little swappy-poo. I'll sew you some diapers if you'll crochet me some longies. Hmm? You think??

Carbon said...

Great job!

I love making things for my family. Makes me happy to see them enjoy it.