19 October 2007

tot spa?

Don't do major things on the tail of emotional weeks. I mean, really. I just did something today that I'd been contemplating for a long, long time. I just got over being very sick and, as my previous post mentioned, having a rough month in general.

But TODAY, on the tails of all that, after Miss C's bath, I decided to cut her hair. I've contemplated paying someone versus doing it myself to save money for months. Now I'm not sure if I will be paying someone anyway. Halfway through, I started shaking, wondering what I'd done. Honestly, I like the length the more I look at it, even though it's a little shorter than I'd planned. I just don't know how good of a job it is, as it seems uneven. I think I know what I did wrong, but when it happened, the lollipop had just been finished and the wiggling had commenced. She was actually a great sport considering she is anti-bow, anti-brushing, etc.

Yes, I cried when I told my husand. He wasn't bothered, and just said if it's bad we'll take her to get it fixed. He also reminded me that it might be just fine like it is. He's very good to me (as I've mentioned before).

So, you be the judge. Just how awful is it? (In my opinion, it seems too long on the left, but when it got too short on the right, I liked the effect...I just didn't duplicate it correctly since the wiggling skewered my perception of it.)



And while I'm digging into my pictures for October, it reminds me that I forgot to post about a little adventure Miss C had, all on her own. It was the night before my anniversary, and I left her in my room with Baby Einstien in the DVD player -- Little B was in bed and I was making myself a quick, late bite to eat (my husband was not home just yet, having worked late). I saw her head peek around the corner of the bedroom door which meant she was not on the bed anymore, so I felt strongly compelled to check on her. She gets into things, but usually it's nothing too significant. I had my bathroom lights out to prevent curiousity, so doubted she'd done anything to really worry myself over.

I was so very, very wrong.

My daughter was proudly completing a pedicure of her toes, feet and legs. In my most favorite color of polish, Tahitian Sunrise. Or is it Sunset? Either way-- it's my favorite, by Ulta. And, since I'd so wisely left the bathroom lights off (for the sake of preventing temptation), she had taken it into the little hallway where our closets are, between bedroom and bathroom...where there was a light on! Such brilliance. Needless to say, she got a thorough polish-remover scrubbing and a second bath in less than a half hour. And there are still remnants of polish on her toenails (which she had very completely painted, not missing a single one!).

And I took pictures of it, of course, before cleaning her up (and reminding her repeatedly that it is MOMMY'S JOB to paint nails):

Anyone know how to get nail polish out of the carpet?


Carbon said...

Oh my, use acetone to get out the nail polish from the carpet. Either buy it at the hardware store or buy a product called "goo gone", it's an acetone product.

As for the hair, i think it's cute. I don't think it looks too uneven. Just snip out any longer pieces you find and it will be all right. (I usually run around with scissors for 2 days after fixing up my kids hair!) She's a real cutey.

Karen said...

I think her hair is darling! Nice work!