04 October 2007

10 years

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary.
I remember thinking when we got married that I couldn’t wait to have been married for ten years. And today is so much better than our wedding day; I love the children we’ve grown together, the life we’ve built, the love we’ve shared and the very foundation that time alone can build. And I love the man I married so much more than I ever dreamed I could. What I felt on our wedding day was deep and strong, yet pales in comparison to what I feel today. My husband understands me better than anyone else; he respects me as a person as well as respecting my thoughts and feelings; he knows when to let my funky moods run their course and when to snap me out of it. He can laugh with me in the deep, cracked up, leaky eyed laugh. He truly cherishes me.

I pray the Lord grants us many, many more years together. I cannot fathom life without him by my side—he is my perfect match. I absolutely look forward to being old together; I can think of little else I would want.

How will we commemorate this great day? We’re going to the Fall Festival at our son’s school this evening. Something we can have a great time doing as a family. Perhaps we’ll get to have a “date” soon, but for now our trusty baby sitters are out of town (also known as my parents). And really, our anniversary to us is also celebrating becoming a family—first to each other and later adding our children. So spending it with our kids is perfect.

Our 20th anniversary will be even more fabulous. I just know it. And we’re already halfway there! Oh, the anticipation of the next ten years. . .

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kim said...

Awww what a sweet post! Its always so refreshing to read those "I TRULY LOVE MY HUSBAND!" posts!!! Happy 10 years to you guys!! Makes me sound old to say this but, 'this day in age' its even more commemorable celebrating ten years, so here's to you guys and many many more sweet, happy years together!!!