31 October 2007

the cow in our bathroom

We have one of those tubs that has jets. The tub is directly between the shower and the small "water closet" with the toilet. Therefore the vent for the motor to the jets is located beneath the toilet paper roll. This has never been particularly significant to me before now.

What I have failed to blog on recently is my daughter's self-potty training this past month. I have to remind her sometimes, and she still has accidents sometimes, but for the most part she's got it down and I commend her for it. I've been duly impressed and had held off for a while. (I actually chased her around with a diaper for a while as she insisted on trying to go potty before I was ready to let her since we had that Disney trip planned! hahaha!) I'm a firm believer in not making it a lot of work for myself. Either they get it or they don't. She gets it. Thank goodness!

Being pregnant, I am very susceptible to the power of suggestion, particularly if a bathroom is involved (or chocolate, but maybe that's not pregnancy-related). If Miss C must use the potty (even if it's the fourth trip in an hour), the odds are pretty high that mommy will likely need to go immediately after her. And while I have my turn I help pull up her jeans and such. Being a typically small room, she stands barely inside the doorway and has become a huge fan of the aforementioned vent.

Once she is redressed, she sits at the vent, peering into the small metal slats, telling me there is a cow inside. We both have to moo. I tried many other animals much to her delight, but in the end she is adamant that there is indeed a cow.

And here I thought cows lived on farms. But apparently, we have one living in our bathroom.

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Bluehose01 said...

I don't guess there's a pig in there, too? :)