30 October 2007

11 weeks left

How many months pregnant am I? I hate that question. I like weeks. It's easy to count either direction. At the moment, I am 29 weeks pregnant (and one day, to be technical about it) and most definitely feeling that I've reached the third trimester. Unlike my first pregnancy during which I had a picture taken every single week to compare the belly growth, I've been far more random and distinctly sparse about it this time around. Last night, I decided to get a specific belly shot to share with you.

I give you the belly that looks more like a bowling ball under my shirt:


momrn2 said...


billyandtami said...

You have a most beautiful belly my dear Crystal!! :)

Karen said...

It's a lovely belly. I hope you're feeling well.

I've been feeling very nostalgic this fall, remembering my last weeks of pregnancy with Jack.