25 October 2007

check it out

I'm a cloth diaper momma. Yup. I really am. (Well, truthfully, my cloth diapering days are on hold since Miss C outgrew hers in early summer and we were too close to potty training to re-invest at that point--but that's not really the point here, now is it?) And, I was invited to be a contributor over at a cool blog called The Diaper Chronicles. Which at long last I've done. So, if you are at all remotely curious or fascinated (or even if you're not!) by cloth diapers, go check it out! Just to make me feel special and important and famous, go have a look-see at my blog-name on a different site. Okay? Okay.

What are you still here for!?

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momrn2 said...

I was a cloth diaper momma too!! Congrats on appearing on another blog!! I'll head over and check it out!

You've been on my mind a lot lately with it being Fall, sensory stuff, etc. How are things going???