19 October 2005

yes, i actually sent this...moments ago

(A copy of this email has been sent to the Food & Beverage department as well as the specific Golden Corral Restaurant.)

This evening my family dined at our local Golden Corral--(location with-held). We have eaten there frequently in recent years and are generally pleased with what we find.
However, tonight I left unhappy and unlikely to return.
We believe my 8 month old baby had an allergic reaction your mashed potatoes (bear in mind, they are listed on your website as "made from scratch". . . .).

First of all, when it occurred, the only other things she'd eaten were broccoli and chicken. Our server was most helpful and offered to get the manager as I wanted to know any ingredients that might have been in the mashed to potatoes. Upon the return of the server--not the manager--we were told that the manager said there was "butter, milk, salt and pepper; maybe some kind of preservative." That was it. Needless to say, this was insufficient information considering my daughter had red welt-like hives around her mouth as well as a blister on her lip.

Our server was wonderful--I wish I still had her name, but I was a little preoccupied, needless to say. She very willingly retrieved the box of mix that goes into the mashed potatoes and allowed me to copy the MANY ingredients in it.
Milk, butter, salt and pepper--that just doesn't cut it, folks. My baby was having an allergic reaction. And, at NO TIME during the entire situation did the manager bother to come by our table to see if everything was okay.

I'm completely unimpressed.

And yes, my daughter is fine--in case you wondered.

What do I think you should do about it? Make it clear to all of your managers that they should personally check on situations like this. What else? I'll leave that up to you. Good companies usually rise to a challenge.


AfricaBleu said...

Wow - that's weird - mashed potatoes?

Can I ask if your child was sick a week or so ago and had penicilin, by any chance?

The reason I ask is - my son used to break out in these HORRIBLE hives out of no-where - until we figured out he was allergic to penicilin - and the symptoms of the allergy didn't show up until about a week after he was done taking his medicine.

I agree with you - the manager should've at LEAST seen if everything was all right - m-a-n-a-g-i-n-g is the job, right?

I'm glad all is well...

cjoy said...

Funny you'd ask about penicilin--no, Charlotte has not been on any, but Bryan is at the moment (sinus AND ear infection, poor boy) and I just read the other day about such a reaction on the pharmacy thingy they give with the meds.

cjoy said...

Oh, and we recently discovered she reacts exactly the same way to carrots! We were surprised, needless to say. So when it happened last night I was surprised but also quickly recognized the signs--and I was really trying to be careful.

(I know, some of you are wondering, "Why feed her food at a place like that??? But, well, there weren't carrots and she was starving and I feed her a lot of our own food and I'd forgotten a jar of baby food for dinner out...)

Carbon said...

I think that letter is too nice. That could have been a life/death type situation if the reaction was more severe. That manager sucks and should be severely poo-pooed by head office.

I'm glad your kiddo is ok. And no, no one should be wondering why you were feeding her food there. You should be able to feed your kid at any restaurant, especially after they supposedly tell you what's inside!

AfricaBleu said...
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