03 October 2005

sunburn in october!

Okay, I live in the south. It's not truly fall here and likely won't be for many weeks yet. The milder weather is only that--milder--it's still "hot" and apparently sunscreen is still necessary.

I made it the entire summer sans sunburn. Easily.
I even survived a whole week at Disney World in September (still summer temps, but no crowds) without a sunburn.

BUT. In OCTOBER. Oh yeah. Granted, it was the first day, but OCTOBER! Sigh.
We went to my parent's tiny town festival (I didn't know they came that small! I made my rounds in, say, fifteen minutes. So small, we went to the festival in the next town over for a bit more entertainment.)
Well, all said and done, we were out and about for a few hours midday, and I made myself a human sun shield for my sweet children's tender skin since we'd forgotten to bring sunscreen (the day started out cloudy and cool--I was easily persuaded in my longing for autumn, but it was a ruthless trick!).

And yes, I burned. At least it wasn't severe or I'd have been even more indignant. I think it will be totally gone by tomorrow (though I said that yesterday, too).

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