07 October 2005


MommyMaki tagged me with this, so . . .

Three Random Facts About My Closet:

  • I have a VERY SMALL closet space. In fact, my husband and I each have less space than either one of our kids. (Instead, my drawers are stuffed full, as is a blue storage bin in the laundry room!!
  • It used to be a wire “rack” straight across my half and my husband’s (it has two tiny doors on each side, not even a full sliding door!). After his side collapsed under the weight of stacked clothes, he now has two levels and I still have one level (but a more practical height than before). We share the middle shelving—very little of that is clothes.
  • My shoes refuse to stay organized. They must have a mind of their own.

Three Items I've Never Worn But Still Haven't Tossed:

  • A garage sale skirt that I thought would be similar to a favorite of mine. It wasn’t. (However, this has inspired me to put it in the donate pile today!)
  • A gorgeous white dressy-dress, long, simple, sleeveless. It fit SO perfectly (back before this last pregnancy, and while I wasn’t breastfeeding. . .) and was SO on sale at JCPenney (while shopping for a office Christmas party dress) that I HAD to get it. But, I’ve lacked the proper occasion ever since. I probably lack the body now, too.
  • A cream colored velvet-embossed sport-bra type thing-a-ma-bob I had NO idea what to do with. But, hey, it was less than $5 at Victoria’s Secret, and—irresistable. At least, I think it’s still around?
  • Bonus: brown suede skirt. Another JCPenney deal—they have rockin’ clearances! (But, WHAT do I wear it with and to where???)

Three Items I'll Never Get Rid Of, No Matter How Ugly They Get:

  • A plaid flannel hooded pull-over with a drawstring at the waist. I’ve had it for more than 15 years and still wear it at least once or twice every fall. I will probably mourn it when it decays one day.
  • Oversized navy college t-shirt from the Activities Board I was on. Great sleep shirt, even if the writing is almost faded. Sentiment and all that.
  • Long sleeve Camp Sunshine t-shirt from the days when my friend’s son was diagnosed with Leukemia. (He’s been fine for several years now.)

Three Items People Wouldn't Expect To Find In My Closet:

  • My baby quilt made by my grandma with my name and birthdate hand-embroidered.
  • Footie pajamas. My size from the women’s department at Target.
  • The modern Clue game that’s electronic. I LOVE Clue!

Three items that made me go, "Oh Lord, what was I thinking?":

  • I’ve been spending way too long (all day yesterday?) attempting to figure this one out. So, I will just say that if it’s in my closet, I’m still too stupid to know it, and if it’s gone, it’s forgotten. =p

Three things that I have a surprising number of:

  • Panty hose—and I loathe them, refusing to wear them except in dire circumstances.
  • Old, wrong-size bras. I spend way too much time pondering whether or not I will fit them someday again (after breastfeeding), if I should donate them, or if they just need to be chunked. Some are pretty good.
  • Shirts: Stretched out from breastfeeding, faded into nightshirt quality, wearable, recently wearable, too small but good condition, nursing tops, or I don’t know what to wear them with. Sheesh.

Three dominant colors in my wardrobe:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Randomness (not always good for matching purposes!)

Three items that never fail to put me in a good mood whenever I wear them:

  • My new Gap cords (either pair). (The jeans have been a serious let-down.)
  • An Aussie T-shirt that has some blue water-color like flowers on the back with the words, “People who live in glass houses should grow flowers.”
  • Super soft pink striped pajama pants from Victoria’s Secret

Three people I will tag:


Carbon said...

It's funny that the things you haven't worn all have been things that you got at clearance or sales. I'm the exact way. I buy it cuz it's nice and cheap but never end up wearing it :)

Very funny!

AfricaBleu said...

Ha - I bought me some of those "adult" footie pjs once... The problem is, I can't STAND to have my feet covered up while I sleep (I have to have my toes peeking out of the blankets at night). So I cut the feet off - now they are ragged long-johns.