18 October 2005

those lessons must have paid off

Oh, I have a very proud little girl this week. On Friday evening, she finally figured it out! She usually gets around on her elbows, but moves her legs, so I suppose she's crossed crawling and army crawling--but, hey, whatever works, right? Her final motivator: a lovely pile of papers mommy was sorting on the living room floor with a cordless phone for dessert. Yum. I kept moving the items few feet further from her and she'd just pick up and go after them. I don't think she appreciated the fact I denied her the anticipated paper and plastic meal; however, it was an exciting moment for the rest of us.

The funniest part is when she forgets that she's learned to do this. She'll momentarily get frustrated, flail her limbs out once more and scream. But, when she remembers that she can indeed crawl, watch out!

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