25 March 2010

thankful thursday - little b

My firstborn turned 9 on Sunday. I wanted to post on it earlier in the week, but life spiraled on me so it didn't happen.

I have told you about how wonderful he is. How he melts my heart. How I adore him. How I am glad to be homeschooling him. What his struggles are. So, I will not go down that road today.

Instead, I simply want to be thankful for him. This was "one of those weeks" with him - entirely my fault as I got distracted with an early doctor's appointment on Monday and missed his medication by several hours. That is more than enough to turn the tide and it's been pretty ugly since then. And I'm totally worn out now.

But in my heart of hearts I am still oh so thankful for my boy. He is so special to my heart. On the hardest of days he will still hug me tight at bedtime, tell me he loves me, and mean it. I am often trying to do juggle all three kids at various stages of bedtime neediness, and even hanging onto frustration. I feel I fail to appreciate the sweetness of this boy. But truly, it's like a fragrance that lingers long after his breathing has evened out and my own head is drifting into slumber.

He makes me so rich.
I do love him so.


Hannah said...

SO SWEET. You know I have one like that! Except that he rarely tells me he loves me (although I know he does) -- he doesn't tend to express affection very much. When he does, wow, do I treasure it! I bet our boys would get along well.

Taking my cue from you, I just published my Thankful Thursday post. :-) Oh, and I answered your question about the Jedi Math, but forgot to answer the other one -- just fingernails!

blue hose said...

I can't believe Little B is 9! Where does time go? Seems like we were at South just yesterday! Hug him tight, tell him happy birthday and relax and enjoy the party!

StephieAnne said...

What a beautiful expression of thankfulness - it's those little moments sometimes that make all the difference~

Donnetta said...

9 already?! Where does the time go? What beautiful and heartfelt words!

Also, what a timely reminder to my own weary heart of the abundant love that sometimes gets a bit buried in the exhaustion and difficulty of the days.

Thank You and Hugs to you friend!