04 March 2010

the accidental bubble bath

My daughter's skin tends to be sensitive - I know, real shocker, isn't it? Little B had eczema when he was a baby and occasionally got random hives that could never be explained. So, we're soap-picky. Dove for sensitive skin is preferred for the little people's skin, though Little B doesn't have to stick to that as much any more.

Of course, that still leaves shampoo. And though the cost is very high, the carcinogens are pretty much nil in California Baby products - and my kid's skin is happy with them! Big factor right there. We cannot begin to buy all the products that they offer, but I do dream of it. However, I easily find some of their shampoo/body wash combos at my local Target, as well as conditioner. And thankfully it doesn't take much to wash the hairs upon their heads. So, after making a bottle of California Baby stretch as long as I could, and after an itchy-skin attempt to switch her to a 2-in-1 kid's shampoo that Little B uses, I recently buckled and bought a new bottle of the good stuff.

I bathe Miss C and Baby J in my tub most of the time, and so the sides of the tub are littered with bottles for shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. (We won't discuss that I often have a bottle of my shampoo there, the rinsing bucket is there, sometimes the hand soap is there for short-people faucet access, and the previous, empty, larger pump-size of California Baby shampoo is still making a home there. . .) All of these items regularly rotate location along the shelf that is otherwise known as the edge of the tub.

Yesterday, as Baby J washed his hands, I noticed a wet streak in the tub coming from the opposite corner as the faucet. I didn't fully register this until later when I took a (deliciously scalding hot) bath. And little bubbles appeared. I looked to the array of bottles and discovered much to my chagrin that the expensive new bottle of shampoo was open and on it's side. Half empty.

I decided to enjoy it while it lasted, though. Especially since I find it very easy to believe I left that bottle open when washing her hair last. Ah well....a surprise bubble bath is at least a relaxing surprise!


Laurel said...

good perspective :)

Hannah said...

I love California Baby! Way to look on the bright side.

StephieAnne said...

That had to be super frustrating - way to look at the situation as "glass is half full" - or should I say "bath is half full"!

kim said...

I just got stuck on "deliciously hot bath"...are those things still popular these days? I wouldn't know therefore I am very jealous of you!! (;

cjoy said...

Haha Kim! =D They usually happen late at night when the kids are in bed and I need to bathe, but don't want wet hair before bed (not fond of the blow-drying it). The next morning, I strain my neck under the tub faucet to complete the job. I love the heat that is almost too hot for me to get in. Especially with a good book. ;)