16 March 2010


I do not like wearing shoes. I mean, I really loathe wearing shoes. I am clumsier in shoes, whereas my feet can feel their way around all kinds of things without them. I can wear socks and get them nasty dirty much of the day...but shoes come off the minute I walk in the door. Even socks wear out their welcome if my feet are not cold enough. Mystery crumbs on the kitchen floor yield taking them off sooner not later. Did I mention I like bare feet?? (Yes, I'm still clumsy without shoes, and my husband tells me I wouldn't stub my toes if only I had shoes on. He loves shoes...I guess opposites do attract!)

So, I'm trying to exercise. On a treadmill. This would be during nap time for Baby J which equals quiet time for the older two. I stack an upside down laundry basket onto a portable computer stand, plop down my laptop and stream a Netflix movie for motivation. I get insanely bored when exercising and this is the only thing that keeps it going. I'd read, but it's just too plain awkward to flip pages and find a way to keep the book at a comfortable reading distance. Trust me on this...I've tried.

Yesterday, (the, uh, second time I've dusted off the treadmill in about a week...we won't talk about just how dusty it got before!) I was all ready to start and realized that Baby J was napping in my room. Where my socks live (because I'd actually cleared the clean clothes off the couch -- clearly a mistake on my part). So, I put on the sneakers without socks. And walked/almost-jogged for over an hour. My feet are mad at me today. Apparently, socks are more than just for soaking up sweat.

If only I could hit the treadmill barefoot, I'd probably be a lot better at it.

(I'll spare you the stories of walking my neighborhood as a teenager, in the South, barefoot, during the peak of summer...and the time I jumped a fence and scraped the balls of my feet raw before I turned around to head home....fun times in bare feet, I tell you...)


Sarah said...

Hey Cjoy,
I haven't been here for while, (I haven't been anywhere for a while, our computer was stolen a couple of months ago and even though we got a new one I couldn't remember all my different passwords...oops)

So my suggestion is insanley expensive,but it might be worth it...it is called Vibram five fingers. They are shoes with no support and just like running around barefoot. When my brother first showed them to our family we all laughed at him. He's been training for a marathon in them. Slowly we've all been trying them, and they are incredibly comfortable and you can throw them in the washer at night and they'll be dry by morning. They are expensive, but they'll probably never wear out. (NOT AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY, although I kinda wish I was so I could get a discount).

cjoy said...

What a cool idea! I will have to look into those for sure. ;) I was just thinking about you recently, noticing you hadn't been around...sorry to hear about your computer. And I can relate to forgetting passwords. Every single site has it's own requirements and there is no way to find one that covers them all!