19 January 2010

the power of no

Recently, I've been saying NO.

Like, unsubscribing to the myriad emails I do not need. All the travel ones, all the Disney ones, all the ones that have coupons I am unable to use. I have a separate email now for the coupon stuff I can use and any free stuff I want to get. Then, If I have no further use for the site, I UNSUBSCRIBE to it. This is not a perfect system. But, it's a work in progress. The effort to use coupons (that have to be printed) requires certain reminders and emails and stuff. (I find it a bit of a pain, to be frank.)

Also, I have been learning to NOT answer my phone when it just isn't a good time for me. If I need the escape (from kids or husband or myself), I grab it like a lifeline. But if not, I am working to walk away.

I am throwing things out a bit faster (like the Land's End catalog I don't have any reason to look through once, much less twice...and no need to savor the free shipping for something I already know I'm not buying), learning to see what I need versus what I don't. I am working to notch down the stress one tiny bit at a time, to purge with a heavier hand when we're done with something. It's these little things that are adding up one bit at a time.

I'm putting my foot down for me. My days are feeling a tiny bit less like a stuffed turkey (in spite of the still cluttered kitchen counters...maybe I'll get to those soon). I like it. And I want to get better at it.


Donnetta said...

Ah boundaries. Not easily implemented, but so potentially freeing!!

Continuing to work on a few myself...

Hannah said...

Good for YOU. I have been thinking for the longest time that I get way too much spam and need to take that 5 minutes to unsub and simplify my Inbox. You are inspiring me to stop procrastinating!

I'm getting better about tossing the catalogs, too. Why torture myself with the unattainable? ;-) Hehe!