10 January 2010

it's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to. . .

things NOT to do on your birthday:

-weigh yourself
-not shower so you have a bad hair day all day
-have a migraine
-try to nap in the living room surrounded by loud, cranky kids
-realize your facebook wall won't let anyone write on it
-take everyone to get your prescription refill, late in the day
-stay too long at the store
-agree to look at toys while at the store
-forget to run another rather urgent errand before heading home
-get home late for a fast dinner of canned soup and quesadillas
-still have a migraine hours after treating it
-realize you have not done nearly enough laundry in the past 3 days
-weigh yourself again

things that make even the birthday blues look brighter:

-remember how awesome last night's big family dinner was
-cozy up on the couch with a good book
-have mom's homemade enchiladas for lunch
-realize you actually got a bit more nap time than it felt like
-take migraine treatment of choice: 6 Motrin, icy Dr. Pepper, & Gardettos
-make Target your errand destination
-use gift card money on clearance toys for your kids' upcoming birthdays
-find birthday wishes on adjusted facebook wall (yes - pathetic - shut up)
-finally take a scalding hot shower
-and even shave your legs while you're in there
-put the kids to bed
-finish the last (and biggest piece) of the homemade chocolate cake
-watch the rest of Inkheart with your husband
-fall asleep knowing you spent the day with your most favorite people in the world


Mrs Lemon said...

Happy happy birthday! You totally deserved that piece of cake!

And I am laughing OUT LOUD about getting to shave your legs. I never get to shave my legs anymore. Today I took a second shower while all the kids were sleeping just to shave my legs. And now you know way more about me than my best friend does :)

Hannah said...

Oh, Crystal, happy birthday!!! I'm glad that your happier list is longer. But seriously, a migraine on your birthday? Now that is just WRONG.

Enjoy your smooth legs. :-)

kim said...

I was "Awww!"ing in the first list and smiling/laughing in the second (: Happy belated birthday!! Glad you ate a big piece of cake - yum!! And wow, shaving your legs? I might have to follow suit...first I'll need to unbraid my leg hairs....TMI??!?! (:

Best wishes to a new year!! <3

Donnetta said...

What a creative way to record all the memories of the day. Glad to see the list of the things that made the day brighter!!

Happy Birthday!! (belated)