28 January 2010


Early this week had some intense and stressful hours, but in contrast, I love a day full of happy surprises!

As I went to bed too late last night, I fully expected to have the horrible grogginess that usually awaits when Baby J demands to get up and greet his Daddy who is trying to get ready for work. Instead, I felt a bit more refreshed than usual (perhaps the opposite of a hangover from having a LOT of extra sleep the night before?).

Today, I needed to go to the store and purchase not one, not two, but three birthday gifts for Saturday - only one is for my daughter, the other two for friends of Little B. Of course, having Miss C in tow, I hesitate to shop for her since she is acutely aware of all things snuck into hiding in, on, and under buggies. Crazy pixie of a girl. Instead, Little B puked after breakfast (boo!). BUT...that just meant I put off the trip (hooray!). The bright side here is that he's able to haul himself to the toilet versus being held the entire time and puking all over me as Baby J did last Saturday.

Then, it got better - he didn't throw up any more at all, no sirree bob. He began to feel better and better. He even did some of his school work that I assigned. I haven't pushed the rest, but that moment is imminent (I'm on the computer and, well, he has to use it to do the rest of his work or there is no 39 Clues gaming time). I still didn't go to the store because I was uncertain of what to expect.

Today I also planned to decorate for Miss C's Fancy Nancy Tea Party that is scheduled for Saturday afternoon - that is not easy with a 2 year old underfoot. But, the more I do now, the less for last minute, right? I got a glittery set of letters spelling out "Tea Party" made and hung (I could fit limited letters...those were her preference). Paper chains are in progress, as are streamers and a vase of lollipops and paper flowers and a multitude of other "fancy accessories" that are required.

My husband called with word that it will be at the very least just over 2 months (and likely even longer) before we have need to move. I love extra time. I will use it to continue purging and preparing and being glad that I KNOW I will not have to move before April. (I really hate packing and moving...think I've mentioned that before...) Maybe, just maybe I'll get brave enough to have a garage sale when the weather warms a bit more. (I also have tentative plans for craigslist, but I'm a big chicken.)

A few minutes ago, I opened an unexpected envelope with a long overdue refund from Little B's many rounds of therapy. I expected a very tiny check. It was a very large check. I actually gasped so loudly my son asked what was wrong.

But my most favorite part of the day: I got a phone call from a very dear friend of many, many years...Little B was named for his family. He was calling to tell me his wife is expecting their first baby! I could not stop smiling. My heart is so happy! Life is good.


Mrs Lemon said...

Big money, new life, glittery letters ... it is a happy day :)

blue hose said...

That is a great day! Glad Little B is feeling better. Tell "Big B" congrats for us when you talk to him again!

StephieAnne said...

Greetings from Oregon! I admired your cute little profile picture on Erynn Magnum's blog and thought I'd pop on over and check your blog out. I've read through a couple of pages and already I admire your honesty and transparency so much. It appears that you really do radiate your blogging profile name. Congratulations on the unexpected joys that your last post described - and hope they just keep continuing.....