27 October 2008

mystic light

Nope. That's not some new thing I'm into. In fact, I'm all about catchy paint names, and that one is just kinda okay, so I obviously loved this color to pick it out for Miss C's room -- it's two shades lighter than "periwinkle bud" by Behr. I know you're dying to go to Home Depot and see it for yourself, now, aren't you? (It's on card 600-C. Go ahead, you know you can't help yourself.)

I cannot tell you how hard we've worked for the past two days. And I cannot tell you how much Baby J still has trouble at night, often wanting to be held upright the last couple of hours of my supposed sleep. I'm so wiped out I almost dozed off putting him down for his nap 15 minutes ago. Considering I pick up Little B in another half hour, that might have been a not good thing. At least since the alarm wasn't set. Maybe I'll take a 20 minute cat nap before heading out to get him...hhhmmm...sounds lovely.

On that note, I'll have to tell you about my room switcheroo and how it went later. But yes, we did get everything done that I'd planned on. So much so, I am in shock. Yet, there is still so much to do!

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