10 October 2008

grand slam

Or, make that body slam.

Today, Miss C was playing in the bathroom sink with water. Not a big deal, really. I used to let Little B do that for hours (little did I know it was providing sensory diet for him which is why he had good days after doing that)--so, I figured she'd just have a bit of fun and get a little wet and that would be that and no big fat hairy deal.


If only life were that simple, right?

She came out fairly wet, and I really didn't understand why the (grown-up sized) tee she slept in (yup, she was still in pj's) was wet at the bottom as well as all over the front. She told me she'd been washing her face. Actually, a moment later I realized she meant her fish...have no fear, it was a very tiny yellow plastic fish acquired at the fall festival last night. Okay, washing the fish because it was dirty, fine. Glad it was fun.

And the water play was promptly forgotten about as I readied myself to mop the kitchen floor. Which also required extensive sweeping, something we will not discuss. Argh. I had to nurse Baby J in the middle of his nap so he could rest more (thanks, reflux!), which was also the middle of my mopping session because he does not like to be left out of my sight, and quite often that also means out of my arms. Sweeping and mopping, begone.

I have no idea why I was going into the kid's bathroom, I really don't. But, I did go in there. And stepped into a massive puddle of water--I kid you not. It was standing water, and I cannot fathom how there was so much on the already slick tile. But there was.

And I body slammed into the ground. And I stinkin' hurt. I almost decided to just hang out there until someone really needed me.

My right forearm hit something or other (door jam?) and has what resembles a burn. It's wearing a bandage with Neosporin now.
The spot on my right arm where I got my flu shot yesterday was pressed into the floor.
My left leg was twisted under me and I felt like I just missed breaking something--it was funky with my foot at an angle and my toe red and scraped up.
I think I might have bumped my shoulder blade, but can't tell for sure.
My back is aching something fierce.
The best part was my right thigh. I swear if I'm not sporting a 6 inch purple streak by morning I'll be in utter shock.
Every spot that landed poorly on the floor was soaking wet.

When I got up from couch to take Baby J to his crib for a nap, I ached all over. Yeah, I'm getting too old for that body slammin' stuff. Forget Calgon -- Motrin, take me away!

But, she's awful cute, isn't she?? (She keeps requesting "bumps" for her hair!)


Mrs Lemon said...

See now, with all the wetness on you from falling, you could just scoot around on the kitchen floor, holding the baby, and then you'd be done, right?

((hugs)) sorry you fell, that's no fun!

Kate McDonald said...

oh....so sorry! that had to hurt! usually when Cohen is playing in the water, I find he's gotten to the toilet-ugh!

Our Love Story said...

Oh - you poor thing!!! I am so sorry! Great attitude though - making light of it!

Laurel said...

It's good to see the humor in life with kids. :)

Carbon said...

Motrin, tylenol, a shot of WHISKEY maybe!?!

sammon said...

Are you feeling better? Or still sore?

Kate McDonald said...

thanks for the prayers! looking forward to more posts from you..