22 October 2008

big plans

Okay, maybe my title is a bit fluffed, but let me tell you what we have going on in the next three days. Whoa. Three days? I better be fast on here because now I'm freakin' out!

Tomorrow, I need to get my tail to a home improvement kind of place and make some fancy decisions on a paint color for Miss C's bedroom. Soft pink? Springy Green? Two colors? I'm all about changing things up, but my husband leans toward traditional, so I have to step lightly. Especially since we still believe we'll be trying to sell our home within a year's time, maybe two.

Friday, my dear husband has a major, and I do mean MAJOR professional exam to take that he has been for a studying for really hard since before that surgery he had. He won't get the results until Christmas. Last year's results weren't so merry, so I'm seriously praying that this year something gives a little and we're all a bit merrier, ya know?

Oh, sweet Saturday.
We will pull out that paint I need to choose and buy.
And we will begin pulling things out of both kid's rooms.
Including the loft that has to be taken apart, the installed planets on the ceiling, the two lanterns on the wall, the large hooks for holding gymnastics rings and even the mounted shelves. Sigh.

Little B and Miss C will be swapping rooms and Miss C's new one will be getting that face lift a paint job offers. Both of them will be getting some (hopefully) better toy-managing skills and organizing in their new rooms.

Little B struggles hard -- I mean hard -- in the winter seasons. The past two weeks we've seen it begin in small, subtle ways. I love the fall season, but maybe that is to balance out the difficult times that seem to come with it. My stress levels are already on the rise which means my reactions to everyone aren't so hot right now. I need to dig my heels in and pray my way through, I know. Only One can really help.

So, one of the things we have decided to do is make his room easier for him to organize. "Poor organization skills" is something he struggles with desperately. That would be of his room, his school desk, his emotions, his thoughts, his reactions, his behavior. Yes, it's his Sensory Processing Disorder, but he's come really far and for the first time I think we're past enough of the other things that I need to work specifically on showing him how to cope with this organizing thing. Which is laughable, really, since I am no expert and while I can arrange systems, I cannot keep them up as well as I'd like. Too many decisions involved. However, unlike Little B, I can at least figure out where to look for something!

Miss C's room is currently a very light blue, a bit larger and very airy feeling compared to his Dijon yellow, smaller room that feels dark and to me, depressing. It's a nice enough room, but our plans to paint it and such have never before materialized, and now I'm thinking it's just as well since moving him will provide more space for his big boy toys, remote controls, Lego-building, etc. And, it's just big enough to put his dresser in the closet and raise his loft to the highest setting (if he wants), therefore providing better floor space (I'm thinking reading corner for this book-lover child of mine). Plus, it's already a boy-friendly color (yes, pastel, but he needs light and bright and cheerful, so it's STAYING). Maybe I can find some cool posters to put up for him.

In my mind, this is going to be so much fun, so cool and so much better. In reality, I have three kids who will need attention and/or want to help.

Anyone want to come play?

ps...The big nasty bruise on my leg is now just colorful, not painful...and I can sleep on that side again! Whoohoo!!

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sammon said...

WOW! Did you get it all done? That is a lot to accomplish!!

Hope the test went well.