07 October 2008

how we celebrated

Several of you have asked what we did for our anniversary. So, I'll tell you.

Mr. J got home after 7pm from his class and brought Wendy's for the kids--don't say it, I know that was late for dinner. It does happen more than I want to admit because I far prefer eating with everyone here and that means waiting for daddy to get home. And yes, it was fast food, but that's not a staple, it's a treat. Consider it them celebrating for our anniversary. Nothing about the day was ideal, I assure you. It was long and tiring for both of us, but that's just what it is sometimes. We take it and move on.

So, we fed them, and called in one order of Manicotti from the tiny Italian place down the road, complete with garlic knots (heaven in dough) and -- cannolis for two for dessert. YUM.

We tag teamed while we ate, getting the little ones into bed, complete with stories and kisses. Then, for what time we had with three sleeping kids, we brewed up some decaf and savored our dessert while watching something on DVD. Maybe an old JAG episode. I really must admit I cannot remember.

And you know what? It was nice to just have a bit of quiet on the home front. I'm all about that. I didn't worry about the pile of dishes, the unfolded laundry or the toys on the floor. We chatted and loved being together. That's all that really mattered at the end of the day.

(He had his cannoli on another plate.)

What about the love letters, you ask?
Still "in progress". Really, it's been crazy around here.


Laurel said...

glad you had a good time :)

Our Love Story said...

Sounds like perfection!

sammon said...

Whoops, left a comment a little late on that last post. So much for being wise. I've been all turned around for weeks now.

It sounds like you had the perfect evening. I love putting the kids to bed and having the house all quiet with my husband.

The new cookbook I bought is 30 Days Gourmet. We've eaten three meals from the book and all but my youngest, who isnt't eating these days, ate. The meals are mostly normal (comfort)dinner stuff, chicken pot pie bbqed beef, chicken nuggets. What else...I'll try to list the stuff I made the last couple of days on my blog. Nothing to hard, but my oldest is my pickiest and he happily ate!! And that makes me very, very happy!

kim said...

That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate!! Congratulations & happy anniversary (:

Carbon said...

that looks heavenly.

happy belated anniversary :)