25 October 2006


Tami is a wonderful friend I have known for many years through Christian conferences and a desire to stay in touch. The past few years have brought us into a closer friendship which I truly cherish in spite of our busy lives and incredible distance. Recently, she moved to China with her husband. They will only be there temporarily, but for now it's much too far away and contact is sparser than ever.

**Tami, I know you are reading this, though I've got a feeling you were here just a little while ago and I've missed you for today. I don't have an email for you, which is fine (for now...or does the old one still work?). (I need to send you a care package; that means I need the information I asked for girl, especially a mailing address.) I want to hear details of your adventures in China and how Billy is doing. If you are simply short on time, then knowing you are reading my random blogness is good enough. I hope you are well and miss you much! (And if you want to blog about China, I'll help you get started...it would be fun to read!)**

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billyandtami said...


I am reading your blog for the first time since I last commented. You see, now that I am in China, I live in a Communist country that censors the web. For the past month "they" blocked everyone from going to any blogger sites. Crazy, huh?? My family has a blog and I couldn't get there, nor could I get to yours or several other of my friends... anyways, somehow, for some reason, they un-blocked it this past weekend. YAY! I can finally get into your life again! I do enjoy reading it... it makes me long a bit for motherhood, as it sounds so rewarding and so fulfilling.... we will get there soon enough, I think China needs to get out of our system before then. :) I myself had a pregnancy scare a few weeks ago and I started to look into having a baby here.... needless to say, I was SO comforted when my period arrived (MUCH BETTER late than never!!). Things are going very well. My Chinese is daily improving and we are really enjoying our time here. It seems we will probably extent our stay to more than a year, but we will see. I will write you that email I promised... this is just a foretaste. :) Much love!!