12 October 2006


Shot in the Arm
At last, my tetanus shot has gone from a raging, screaming ache deep in the upper arm to a small bruise that hurts a little when I rub it. I thought my arm might fall off the last two days. Sheesh. The cut that brought it on paled in comparison for a while. Now, the stab-wound has resumed it's rightful place as sore, painful when bumped (that place gets knocked around easily and frequently, I might add), and healing well. Thank you for your sympathies!

Shot in the Dark
I have been toying with the idea of making a few Mei Tai style baby slings and trying to sell or consign them at a local boutique. (I have not yet discussed this with any shops.)
Now, I'm still teaching myself to sew--a far cry from an expert, but I can make these pretty well and enjoy it; I've made a couple for myself and friends. I could also use the extra income if indeed it would generate a bit! There are a few kid's consignment shops in the area I considered speaking with as well.
I don't want a huge web-based business (I'm not that good or versatile for one thing); besides, the sheer number of baby-wearing sites has intensely multiplied in the past couple of years. It's insane! So, I thought "local" sounded more realistic, and controllable as well. I guess. Do you hear me second guessing my every move? Well, I deleted some of it, but I am. Argh.

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SlushTurtle said...

Try ebay. I've sold several of my bags on there, and if you just list what you make, it's totally in your control how busy you are.