13 October 2006

God's mysterious ways?

My son has spent his morning changing from one costume to another (he woke up a firefighter, then was Spiderman and most recently was a doctor), and was directed to stop playing and please put the multitude of dirty clothes around the floor into the hamper.

Little B (hurrying from his room as if on a mission): There are these lights and they’re flashing. (his hands move rapidly)

Me: What about them?

Little B: I think they might be a message from God.

Me: Maybe it’s just the sunlight shining into your room (the blinds are closed and a bush is outside the room)

Little B: No, I think it’s a message.

Me: Really? What kind of message?

Little B: I don’t know. Come quick, I’ll show you. It might be gone already.

*I go, I look, I don’t see.*

Little B: It’s gone.

We are still intermittently discussing the lights. I’ve tried to explain why I think it’s the sun, and since I couldn’t convince him I’ve since asked if it was a message about cleaning his room since the lights were in there. No, not about that, but maybe we need to call a detective to help figure it out.

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