16 October 2006

jeans and a sweatshirt

It is deliciously Autumn right now. Today was wet and cool and the leaves are painting their faces with lovely shades of color. This weather invigorates me. I become inspired to think and ponder and write and clean and decide and do and live. I even long to be outside rather than inside (no other time of years instigates this feeling). I can wear my beloved jeans and a sweatshirt without getting too hot. Nights are crisp like a red apple and soon I'll be able to see the frost of my words in the air. I feel clean and alive on days like this.

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billyandtami said...

I echo your sentiments my dear friend. I have been sorely missing the Autumn in Seattle these days. I have been reading your blog from China and enjoying every bit of it. I feel still a part of your life, though we haven't spoken in some time. I will email you soon... tami