28 June 2005

blessings abound

I took Miss C to her therapy yesterday. At our last visit, Jeff was so pleased with her progress that he was comfortable waiting a month to see her again...which was thrilling for us, of course.

When we arrived, as usual, I shared with him about the progress we've seen this past month...she is now rolling over (going front to back, on top of the left arm, but whichever way did not matter), she also grabs her toes with both hands, sometimes using her left exclusively (I worked with her on this...and watched for it specifically). And, the big one, was on Sunday...while laying between her side and back (nursing, which I did not expound on to Jeff), she repeatedly raised her left hand to scratch to top of her head (in light of this accomplishment, I had to see the many scratch marks as a hidden blessing). Raising her arm all the way is a huge, huge step. It's one of the biggest things they watch for.

Needless to say, all of this was good news...within the first twenty minutes as we chatted and he worked with my sweet baby girl, I noticed he spent far less time on each 'exercise' than usual. Suddenly, the conversation took a turn. He began speaking like our hour was up...there was essentially nothing that needed work! Indeed, he said she could not be picked out of a crowd for having a brachial plexus injury...it's more than just 'age appropriate' now, I guess. She's really, really healing...so why am I surprised at God's abundance? We were on our way out the door in half the usual time. Jeff will still see her a little more this year, but he's spreading it out over the stages of learning to sit and crawl.

Miss C will still have a 6 month follow up with the surgeons and specialists, and we will see Jeff just before that, then if things are still going well, it may be the end of the year before we go back! I can still feel a bit of weakness in her arm, but it continues to gain strength weekly. Too, her mornings are sometimes a bit slower until she gets it 'warmed up'...but even that is less apparent as time goes by.

My heart is so in awe and full of praise to my God...I know our daughter could just as easily have needed surgery. But, He chose to continue her healing. His blessings abound.

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jocey520 said...

I cannot believe about your little girl it must be so hard, glad she is doing well.

I like your blog also....