20 June 2005

battle of the cubes

Our refrigerator is located on an inside wall...on the other side resides the living room. There is no water line to the fridge, therefore we have no ice maker, much less filtered, chilled water at the touch of a button (we have to work for our cold filtered water: have filter on tap, fill container, place in fridge, pour when needed). It would be a long, difficult process to run a water line under the flooring to get that longed for icemaker. So, we work for our ice cubes, too...using aforementioned filtered water, fill ice cube trays, carefully place trays in freezer, wait hours and hours for ice cubes to freeze, somehow coerce the ice from their frozen nests and begin again. Or not.

See, we're not perfect with keeping up our dishes. Far from it. They often fill the sink mighty near capacity if not beyond. (Shame on me...but then, my husband has attempted to make that his chore...it helps sometimes, but the pile still grows.) This makes filling ice trays nearly impossible. And I have a thing about leaving them on the counter -- don't ask why. So, as I empty the ice tray, I turn, glance over my shoulder at a full sink and promptly replace the now empty tray into the freezer...sometimes I move it away from the full ones so as not to be accused of 'tricking' other family members. And then there are the times when I'm just in a hurry (crying baby, demanding little boy, a need to pee or the phone ringing...all at once). In these moments, I look over my shoulder at the not-so-full sink and say to myself,
"Nah...it can wait."

So, if you want a cold glass of water, well, just hope someone filled the water container the last time it was emptied...

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bekah said...

I HATE it when people put empty trays back in the freezer!!! It drives me batty. Sometimes I put a half-empty tray back, but never a totally empty one. Tisk-tisk.