05 April 2005

small world

I feel like in the past two weeks, my world has shrunk to the size of my living room...and doctor's offices. My son's virus became a double ear infection a week ago, and I managed to become horribly congested and develop a nasty cough myself. Between Miss C's therapy, and Little B's and my illnesses, we've been averaging three doctor's visits a week...today beat them all, though. We made FOUR appointments in ONE day. Yep.

I saw my asthma specialist this morning to get an antibiotic since my chest congestion is not going away. Then, Miss C had her 2 month checkup...she was a champ! While there, Little B was seen to re-check his ear infection. What do you know? They were both still infected. They changed his antibiotic for that. That makes three...so, as I pulled into my driveway, I decided that I'd call our chiropractor. The last time Little B suffered ear infections they cleared up with some chiropractic adjustments. So, they had time and off we went. That would make four in one day.

Now, "Dr." Shea is a friend of ours, so Little B was totally comfortable and easily hopped up to get adjusted and ran around like he owned the place. I fed Miss C twice, passed her around (Lindsey, Shea's sister works there, as well...it's just the two of them for now), and chatted. It was lovely to talk to grown ups for a little bit. I made it meet my social needs...extending my small world from the living room and doctor's offices to friendly faces. What a breath of fresh air!

Miss C is now 13lbs 3oz...exactly 2lbs past her birth weight. She was as good as gold showing off her strong head and neck while on her tummy, barely crying during her shots, and just being her precious self.

Now, to make my world a bit bigger this week...

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