16 April 2005

sonic boom

I have discovered Sonic.

Well, let me back up a little. I have known about Sonic for many, many years, thanks to a good friend of mine in Arkansas. Back then (pushing 10 years now), there was not a Sonic in my area. There has been one a few miles from me for the past 3 years, I guess. I have only eaten there a small handful of times. My friend, on many occasions, told me about her fabulous deals during their 'happy hour'...half price sodas, slushes, etc. These things did not seem to apply to me since I was never near there or thinking about it at an opportune time. Such information slipped from my mind like sand in a sieve. Great idea, but...

Enter this week. I was craving, and I do mean craving, their tater tots. And had been for days. I drove up just minutes past the 3:00 hour and ordered myself a soda to go with those tater tots (that I had to share) and my son a strawberry slush. Whoa. Happy Hour? Half Price? All the times my friend had mentioned it to me came rushing back and I knew I'd hit a gold mine. What a fabulous place to get an inexpensive treat or reward for Little B! What a great idea for those late afternoon blues that need an outing and yet there's not really anything to do or anywhere to go. Hey, I'd be more than happy to pay 55 cents for a small slush for my son! Real fruit in some. Fabulous summertime drink.

In addition, though perhaps not the world's greatest dining, I can sit in front of their menu for contemplation for as long as I want before ordering. No pressure. No lines behind me. Pure time. Okay, maybe a four-year old impatient for his slush and a potentially fussy 2 month old in her seat, but hey, I'm a mom and that is just every day stuff for me. No big deal. I can tune them out (temporarily, at least) and look at that menu to my heart's delight. Then sit right there to eat before driving away. No getting my two kids out of the car; no finding some place to park in a crowded parking lot.

I am a happy woman when I realize what is just minutes from my driveway. Oh yeah! That's my sonic boom, thank you very much.

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bekah said...

I didn't realize you've been posting more regularly. April has been a bad posting month for me.... but I'm proud of you! I enjoyed this post. I also am hooked on Sonic. I love their onion rings, the lemon-berry slushie, and coke with lime wedges. Cherry limeades are also yummy on occasion. Now we have yet another thing to do when I visit.