06 April 2005

a glimpse

I love my two children. Deeply and passionately. They are the center of my world. I find myself joyfully talking about them when they are not nearby and I am constantly delighted by them. I'm glad I'm the chosen person to wipe their noses and read them stories. I don't mind the dirty diapers that leak through onto my favorite outfit or middle of the night cries of a bad dream. I want to cry if they hurt and snuggles are never frequent enough. "Mommy" is my favorite word. Sure, there are days when I've had only small person touches and I long for grown up conversations and my head is pounding with the echo of "Why, Mommy?" and I just want to go potty alone. There are even days when I tell my husband I've had all I can take and he's got to come home NOW--mommyhood is not easy by any means. But, at the end of a frustrating, tiring day my heart will melt every time when I see their smiles. I truly am amazed that God saw fit to bless me with these incredible little people to love and be loved by. I am priviledged beyond words.

Last night, I told my dad that I always knew my brother and I were loved. A lot. That was never, ever doubted by either of us. But now, as a parent, especially of two kids, I see deeper into their hearts and feel I have glimpsed a bit more of just how much we are truly cherished.

My heart is overflowing.

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bekah said...

I'm so thrilled for you and John. You DO have wonderful children. God has been so gracious to you. Keep enjoying them...