22 November 2009

thankfulness - in the details

I am so thankful for Bananagrams (I won it over at Hannah's blog not long ago). My son and I have a blast with this game. Definitely a must for any Scrabble fan, which I am. Also, Miss C has taken some strong interests in sounding out randomly chosen words when she wanders in while Little B and I are playing it. She's anxious to learn to read and it simply whets her appetite. While looking through a homeschooling catalog, I saw Pairs and Pears which might just be up her alley. Fun stuff!

Oh...I cannot forget - a fixed-again toilet is also at the top of my gratitude today. We've bought new parts once before, then rigged those when they failed repeatedly. Needless to say, I was quite weary of reaching into the lid to make it flush.

And now, I'm going to brush my teeth and wash my face and try to convince myself that staying up late to finish reading The Actor and the Housewife is really not a good idea....


Hannah said...

Ooh! So excited to read this post!

YAY #1 -- you're loving the game!

YAY #2 -- you must have been reading the Rainbow Resource catalog! I dogeared the same page!

YAY #3 -- you're reading The Actor and the Housewife! I didn't love it at first but ended up not being able to put it down, and still think about it a lot. I've never felt quite so understood as a housewife. :-)

cjoy said...

#1 - I love it so much I may purge my extra sets of scrabble (did I just admit to owning several???). I also gave it rave reviews to a lady at Target. :D

#2 - I do!

#3 - I stayed up til 2:30am to finish! I just wrote a huge response here and it was too long (I have an Augie/Felix friend of sorts that takes too long to explain). I had checked it out once and returned it, uncertain, but got it again after you talked about it. I haven't laughed out loud at a book so much in forever (of course, it also made me weep). I loved how much she loved her husband. TOTALLY got that. ;)