23 July 2007

these days

Week-long migraines are never a good thing, and especially worse when all you have to battle it is an ice pack, 8-Hour Tylenol and a soda (versus the usual half-dozen Motrin with the soda). Oh well, this too, shall pass. Or so I keep telling it! At least I am not alone in that every one of my migraine-prone friends in the area has had one equally long. It must be the weather.

I am definitely in my maternity clothes; I feel my walk changing and Miss C now talks to the baby in my tummy, even kissing it and telling it she love it. Little B does that, too, of course, but he actually gets what is going on. I love the feel of the baby "sitting" on my lap as I lean forward just a bit, and the new shorts and tees make it look like a little ball on my belly. I swear it happened overnight!

We are gearing up for school to start in just over 2 weeks; we start back sooner than the rest of the county since we're in the city district. I rather like our Thursday start date, giving the kids (and parents) a weekend to recoup before starting again on Monday! School supplies are ready, the new, strict dress code is available in Little B's closet, and bed time schedules are getting more rigid by the week. Me? I'm just so ready for Fall, and I suppose that school starting signals to me that it will indeed arrive again this year. ;)

Oh, and I'm trying to fly again. As in FlyLady. I've tried this long ago, and for the most part like the way it works. I just chose a bad week to start--migraines are not conducive to progress. But, I need a better routine and I've got the motivation even if I am still exhausted. And so I'm going to give it my best effort.


dcrmom said...

Ready for fall!? GACK. Not me. I want summer to last forever. :-)

cjoy said...

Yeah, but I get the distinct impression you live farther north where summer is perhaps enjoyable versus nasty, sticky, humid, constant-mid-nineties and climing by mid-July.

momrn2 said...

I found the flylady just last week. I am a new flybaby!

Maybe we could "fly together"?! :-)

So far I am really enjoying the motivation and new ideas she is bringing to keeping on top of my home!

Hope you are feeling better... SOON!

Anne said...

I have the migraines this week too!! UGH!!

Mommy-loguer said...

Aww I'm sorry for the migraines ): Cannot be fun and esp. not being able to take any meds besides Tylenol! I will be praying for you...

Thanks for your recent comments! Especially the one in reference to baby #2....yowzers, I need to remember the LOVE OF JESUS when I want to take out frustrations on the poor random lady at the grocery store who asks me when I'm going to have that second bundle of JOY!! (:

I love our common interests of blogging/babies/Jesus lovers our friendship holds! (:

Blessings, Cjoy!